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And just like that, God of Destruction Toppo is eliminated.. Ehhh, honestly had higher hopes


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  1. the reason why jiren said toppo was pathetic was because he gave up all his ideals and pride in justice and was still unable to do anything. cause remember jiren takes extreme pride in being rightious.

  2. If Freeza withstood hakai of course Vegeta should too.

  3. if final explosion is a release of all of his energy from his body, then the energy released would eat through the hakai explosion. We’ve seen and had it confirmed by Beerus Toppo had to charge his hakai, meaning when it destroys something in its path the size and energy of the blast is weakened. So if your blast is enough to eat through the energy of his hakai you can negate it basically. This shows that though Toppo had the power of a GoD he was still a novice at it.

    Also I like Jiren called out Toppo in the end. From what we see in the manga Jiren has very strong conviction in Justice to the point where he refused joining the tournament at first because he did not want to be responsible for the erasure of other universes, so to him seeing his best friend throw away that pride, his justice, and still was not able to knock out anyone with it would probably piss him off. And he shows that when he congratulates Vegeta for sticking to his pride and using that to defeat Toppo.

  4. I did like the Vegeta fight but this episode was a bit of a letdown for me. It didn’t feel desperate like the last episode. And I agree Frieza should have stayed out for at least another episode. We know he can recover from any injury (he survived being hacked to bits), but still it doesn’t feel narratively satisfying to have him hack already.

    I don’t think there is an issue with Vegeta overcoming Hakai. You can only Hakai someone less powerful than you (otherwise the gods of destruction could Hakai Zeno which doesn’t make sense)

  5. When Jiren said, “I expected more from you”, I didn’t take it as he expected him to be more powerful. I took it as he didn’t expect Toppo to actually throw away all that the pride troopers stand for. Not only that, but even with that power up he accomplished nothing. So that is pathetic.
    And when he also said , “So you made up your mind”, I took that as major disappointment from Jiren.

  6. toppo got nerfed

  7. Jiren was mad at toppo for throwing away his justice pride and still not being able to knock anyone out , jiren takes Justice very serious, that’s why he’s not exited to fight Vegeta (and others ) who showed he’s a worthy opponent

  8. An hakaishin level reaction here :^)

  9. You Looks So Sexy With This Glass xD

  10. To your point on the villainous aspects of Toppo in this episode I actually like it. For all the many other instances where people, including myself, have questioned things during this tournament the hakai energy/god of Destruction powers have sort of corrupted his “JUSTICE”. As he said he cast everything away so I’d say bravo to the writing staff for that. Vegeta and Goku have clearly surpassed god of Destruction powers and I believe they have to because of how Jiren is being built up. This guy is going to blow the audience away as far as his true strength once they see it, and by audience I don’t mean us but the Zenos, deities in the stands and maybe even the Grand Priest. Five more episodes to find out and it’s going to be very interesting now that it’s 4 on 1. Don’t know if they’ll win by actually eliminating him or by numbers….you should poll it. Great review bro, keep up the great work!

  11. “Toppo is acting like a final villain in an Anime…..well yeah go figure” hahaha lol

  12. Toppo talked so much about his justice. He was angry at Goku because of his justice. He even named his attacks after justice. Then, suddenly he is like, “justice is worthless”. After all that talk. Then he keep going on and on about how powerful he is now and how everything is useless against him and he can’t be defeated. Then he loses without knocking off anyone. In the end, Toppo was worthless himself. That’s why he was pathetic.

  13. Tfw Jiren acknowledged vegeta several times now.Hyped

  14. When freezable can control some of hakai in epi 95… why not vegeta at this level … ?!!!

  15. Actually Toppo didn’t take any single person in the tournament XD

  16. Actually prefer nicer manga jiren who isn’t a fuckboy. Because it further shows not everyone involved is evil not even jiren. Just other struggling to protect the ones they love. So manga jiren> anime jiren

  17. Love your channel man I think I relate my ideas of this anime with ya xD we think alike XD

  18. Your forgetting Vegeta blue is also God energy so it makes sense he’s able to fight back

  19. Vegeta is more powerful than Frieza, of course he could take on Toppo

  20. Toppo called Jiren his best friend during exhibition match. The way Jiren talked… was really weird. He looked evil

    Toppo better choose better the ones he call best friends

  21. Also remember frieza can tank a lot he survive when namek exploded

  22. Jiren’s been an arrogant since the beginning of the tournament

  23. I liked your reaction and review. I feel so bad I just found your channel when there is only 5 episodes left 🙁

  24. The episode was freaking awesome!

  25. My most favorite part of your reaction is at 18:46 to 18:52!

  26. The way Jiren smiled, it’s as if he knows he’s in a league of his own.

  27. Hey Ajax do you think that Toppo should really last until EP 128?

  28. He turned into Ash not stone lol