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One Piece Episode 861 English Sub https://youtu.be/J7cDmSE5ozM


  1. I Think they high pitched the audio to avoid copyright?

  2. Next episode is gonna be epic. Finally Carrot’s Sulong form will be seen!

  3. Oven was thinking that he is white beard who could stop ship with 1 hand

  4. clickbait is cancerous as usual

  5. waiting for a whole week to see that fat guy cry over 10mins

  6. Pez have observation haki.

  7. I thought this was snake man dammnit

  8. The color scheme makes it look like it’s from the 90s

  9. Thanks

  10. 15:55 ビッグマム若干スリムになってて草

  11. パパが死んでもうた

  12. 日本人いる?

  13. The worst anime ever…. They just keep dragging this on and on… Just one scene takes over 10 mins… They should shut this down… Extremely boring.. manga is way better

  14. ナイスだぜ

  15. Waste of an episode dragging certain scenes out longer than they should got it feeling like a filler arc not saying rush it so I can see certain fights or transformations but y focus on pound for over ten minutes on an episode that should be been showing the real beginning of luffy vs katakuri this is gonna b history longest anime bcuz they dragged out pointless scenes that have no use pound backstory wasn’t even sad he couldn’t see his kids ok we get it but dwelling on it repeatedly leading over his death n I still didnt feel a thing seems like wasted run time to me waste of money also

  16. 憂鬱なお餅さん

  17. Lol. Ang sexy ni linlin samantalang nung bata sya ang laking bulas nya hahahaha. Matakaw nga sya e, kaya nga may hunger pangs sya hahahahahaha

  18. Big Mom deserves to die a violent and painful death. I honestly hope Blackbeard imprisons and tortures her.

  19. putang inae

  20. サンジは見聞色で死んだところ見てたんか。

  21. Ty 4 dis video

  22. ty

  23. 1:46………..E.T reference?

  24. This video is horrible, the audio is high pitched.

  25. Hahah 4:39

  26. Why doesn’t oven’s power, weakens by the sea?

  27. sea water weakens devil fruit users. Oven is an exception?